Visionup Strobe Glasses
-to improve your sport vision and then athletic performance -to improve your brain functioning to stay young and healthy
Do you want to improve and upgrade your performance of playing sport?
Do you want to recover your vision skills declined by aging or maintain it?
Do you want to use an effective vision training tool for your athletes?
If yes, please see more!  You surely find the best solution.
Features of Visionup Strobe Glasses
Blinking LCD lenses shut your eye sight intermittently.
Getting harder eye sight, you need to concentrate and judge quickly.
Your brain is activated and also your eye ball muscles are stimulated.
Vision skills improved produce better concentration and agility.
Utility of Visionup Strobe Glasses
-From young athletes to aged people -Regardless of age or playing level -To improve and upgrade playing performance -To recover visual ability declined by aging
How to use Visionup Strobe Glasses
-No specific and/or additional training is required. -Just to carry out daily practices with Visionup -For only 10 to 15 min. each time, not every day but every other day -8 weeks training brings you sustainable effect.

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Supervised and endorsed by Japan No.1 Sports Vision Specialist!

Ishigaki Hisao

Visionup Strobe Glasses have been supervised and endorsed by Professor IshigakiHisao, M.D. at Aichi Institute of Technology, Toyota, Aichi, Japan. According to Prof. Ishigaki, "I have been waiting for this kind of tool for many years. Visionup Strobe Glasses is so amazing that a pair of glasses makes it possible for athletes to improve their sports vision just during daily training first time ever before."

Prof. Ishigaki was born in 1947, graduating from Tokyo Educational University (Now: Tukuba University), Medical Doctor, very famous as the leading person of sports vision study in Japan, supervised Nintendo DS software 'Sight Training', and advising Japan National Teams or Professional Teams of various sports fields in Japan.

Voice of customer

Clay Trap Shooting Czech Republic Age 39

I was feeling that my visual ability was getting down these days.I had used PRIMAR for my training for two months and it had helped my shooting a lot! Now I feel very confident to see the target and I am making a very good results again.(Mr. David Kostelecky, Gold Medalist at Beijing Olympic Games 2008

Baseball Tokyo, Japan Age 25

Through my short period of training with Visionup, I have improved my dynamic vision to focus onto a flying ball quickly.I feel I have got a sense of rhythm for playing. As I intend to be a baseball coach,I will surely take up Visionup to carry out daily training for younger players.(Former professional baseball player)

Tennis Tokyo, Japan Age 18

I've got to notice that I was not concentrating to see a ball before using PRIAMRY.Now it is almost my custom to concentrate to see, expect a ball course, and make a quick judge during playing. To play with a good rhythm makes me playing with much better feeling.

Anti-aging care Kyoto, Japan  Age 65

These days I was a little scared to drive a car or even a bicycle. My friends told me that it might be caused by decline of dynamic vision. After trying Visionup for three months, now my eye sight becomes much clearer than before and I can easily notice of any moving objects. I can drive a car again without any worry.

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Online Shopping

3MJ-04SS-CB Carbon Black
3MJ-04SS-NB Navy Blue
3MJ-04SS-RR Ruby Red

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Visionup Strobe Glasses 4MJ-03SS

CIF Japanese Yen 50,000/set.
(Approx. US$400.00 at J\125 per US$1.00)
including Shipping Charges and Insurance.

One pair of Visionup Strobe Glasses
with Hard Case, Pouch, AC Adaptor, Cable,
Cleaning Cloth, and Instruction Manual.

By EMS (Courier Service by Post)

Shipment within 2 working days upon receipt of your payment.
5-10 days to deliver right away to your address.
(Depending on each country’s customs clearance and postage service)

The goods are guaranteed for one year.

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